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Creating Your GamePlan Doesn't Have to be Difficult

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The GamePlan Process

The secret to creating an effective GamePlan for your wealth lies in choosing a team that is truly committed to you. At R. L. Dauterman Wealth Management, we support your goals by partnering with you to design and execute a strategy for success. Your unique objectives take precedence each step of the way, allowing us to focus on your future and freeing you to concentrate on what’s most important in your life.

Our disciplined process seeks to build a solid foundation of mutual understanding and trust so you feel confident moving the ball forward. We then combine the bench strength of our extensive network with our determined leadership to customize a plan that accounts for your needs, wants, and wishes for years to come. The four-step progression outlined here clarifies what you can expect when you become our client and sets the bar for our championship standard of service.

Preseason (Discovery)

From the very beginning of our GamePlan process, we continually guide you to answer one essential question, “What are you hoping to achieve with your wealth?” Whether you want to accumulate a significant nest egg for retirement, gain confidence your money will last throughout your lifetime, or save for a dream home, we listen closely to the purpose behind your wealth and identify the ways in which we can turn your aspirations into realities, including how we tackle the obstacles currently standing in your way.

Pregame (Focus)

Once you’ve chosen us as your team, we gather your financial information to develop a complete picture of where you are and define a path to where you want to be. Much like preparation before a big game, we coach you through this stage by recognizing the potential risks that may arise and educating you on the adjustments we’ll need to make to accomplish your goals.

Game Day (Implementation)

Our combined efforts culminate when we kick off your GamePlan, positioning Ryan as the quarterback you can rely on to implement a comprehensive, personalized portfolio. Like the unpredictable weather on game day, life events, market fluctuations, and economic conditions will occasionally add unexpected barriers and present sudden opportunities. Yet, even with these uncertainties, our aim is to ensure you have the right players in place to advance and protect your wealth.     

Halftime (Review)

The GamePlan we craft is one that evolves with you. Periodic reviews offer us the chance to revisit your plan and evaluate the progress we are making towards your goals. At times, additional adjustments will be necessary to adapt to ever-changing circumstances in the game of life.

Start your own GamePlan and achieve your goals with our team by calling 419-728-0307 or emailing us at

© 2023 R. L. Dauterman Wealth Management

© 2023 R. L. Dauterman Wealth Management