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Who We Serve

We are grateful every day to serve an amazing and diverse group of clients. Some characteristics that our clients have in common include:


“We don’t understand this stuff, but we trust your guidance.” This is a common statement we hear from our ideal clients. They have a basic understanding of financial concepts, but they prefer to delegate the details to a professional so they can focus on the truly important things in life.

 Big Picture Vision

They understand their financial GamePlan incorporates future market ups and downs. Instead of worrying about the crisis of the day, they count on us to help them remain focused on their long-term plans and on the things they can control.

 Retired or Near Retirement (typically age 55 or older)

We specialize in helping clients navigate the complex financial issues associated with retirement.

 High Income Professionals

We have an affinity for thoughtful people who are engaged in their profession, family and community.

 Individuals or Families in Transition

We are honored to be your trusted advisor when you are faced with critical financial decisions and will help you navigate life transitions beyond retirement including inheritance, job changes, loss of a loved one, divorce, marriage, and growing families.


We want to work with people who are enjoyable to be around and who enjoy working with us.

Do some or all of these qualities describe you? Contact us to schedule an introductory appointment. We are excited to meet you and hear your story.

© 2023 R. L. Dauterman Wealth Management

© 2022 R. L. Dauterman Wealth Management